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Linije - Richpeace Avtomatska proizvodna linija medicinskih mask


05.06.2024 u 14:00 | 2020 | 20 KW / 27 KS | Domžale, Slovenija | ID oglasa: 51116 | 48 |
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Avtomatska proizvodna linija medicinskih mask

Godina proizvodnje:2020
Snaga motora:20 KW / 27 KS
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This machine is used for the automatic production of flat three-layer masks by automatic forming
from non-woven fabric rolls, automatic transfer, with a nose clip and rolled material of a set length cut
simultaneously, folding at the edges of the mask, folding and flattening, joining by ultrasonic welding,
cutting and forming, ultrasonic welding of loops for ears, etc. - All these processes are done

Main parameters:
-Suitable for mask types: Regular three-layer medical mask (disposable medical masks), surgical mask and medical protective mask
-Product specification: Mask for adults: 175 mm x 95 mm, optional child mask 165 mm x 95 mm; or 145 mm x 95 mm
-Speed: 60 pcs/min
-Material: PP non-woven composite fibres (three layers), typically 25 g per square meter
-Other materials: Nose clip (3 mm), ear loops (nylon with elastic, usually 3 mm)
-Processing method: Ultrasonic welding
-Air flow volume: 1700 l/min
-Power: 20 KW, 220V/50Hz
-Dimensions: 10m x 10m x 2m
-Weight: 3000kg

Technical features:
(1) Self-alignment of three rolls of material fed into the machine, i.e. the outer, filter and inner
layer. Continuous symmetrical ultrasound compression of both sides. Continuous pressing with
rollers, followed by cutting. The production line branches off into two separate welding machines
for attaching ear loops, enhancing line balancing and achieving high productivity. Automatic
counting and folding after the ear loops are welded.
(2) The production line follows the »1 in 2« principle, which is the core component of the
mask production system, distributing two sets in production for to weld the ear loops.
(3) Ear loops can be made by automatic cutting and automatic welding with ultrasound.
(4) The nose clip can be made by automatic feeding and cutting.
(5) The system offers stability, few malfunctions, a pleasant appearance, high efficiency, energy
savings and full automation.
25.000 EUR
Uros Vodnik
1230 Domžale, Slovenija
+386 (0)1 / 7248258
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